A 'Label' was Born

Born of salt and sunshine, Driftwood Records is an independent record label led by me, Conner Muir. Currently based out of a home studio in Brooklyn, NY, Driftwood Records was built to support the release of my self-recorded debut album, “The Same Salt.” The album is a culmination of one year of writing, recording, and producing. Everything you hear is the product of my own hands and heart, with two notable exceptions. The lovely Shanley Mitchell is the featured vocalist on “Shades of Silver,” and my dear brother, mentor, and best friend Eric Lovell took care of the mastering at his home studio (https://www.gigidover.com/blu-bubble-studios) in my hometown of Charlotte, NC.

The dream for Driftwood Records is for the label to serve as a hub for all present and future projects of mine, as well as collaborations with other creators in the community. I am inspired to create grassroots music that honors the earth and the human experience. Through this journey, I hope to cultivate a deeper connection between music and its roots as a tool for resistance, justice, and equality in a fractured world.


Big Island, HI, 2018



Conner Muir 

Muir is my middle name and my mother's maiden name. It represents my Canadian heritage and always served as a badge of pride for me growing up in the conservative Southern U.S. The more physical and ideological distance I placed between myself and my homeland in Charlotte, North Carolina, I found myself connecting and honoring my Southern roots in new ways. American folk music is the bedrock of my artistic inspiration, and nothing speaks to my soul quite like an acoustic instrument. My songs are surrounded by and comprised of strings in sets of fours, fives, sixes, eights, and twelves. Steel and nylon form the musical tendons of my work and ring around my head space. 

My music is a product of a deep love for the natural environments, and my songs are prayers to the land that holds us all. They are also calls to action in an era marked by division and dissonance. They draw heavily on the landscapes of the American West while extending beyond the imagined boundaries of this nation. They range thematically from lamentations of cultural appropriation in Bali to acknowledgments of a more viscous relationship with time in Nicaragua. It is a reflection of my split personality, with one foot in the music world and the other at my day job in the NGO world fighting climate change and environmental injustice in my small way. 

My 'driftwood dreams' seek to explore new ways through which I can integrate these sides of myself and my work to amplify my impact as a storyteller and advocate for change. 


Conner Muir

Guitar / Vocals/ Everything In Between

Eric Lovell

Mastering / Forever Mentor


Tide Rays 

This duo was born to channel the artistic energies of myself (Conner Muir) and my wonderful partner Shanley Mitchell as we both venture into a new, collaborative songwriting experiment together. While I call on my background in folk traditions, Shan evokes a more classical, jazz-inspired singing style that has given shape and substance to several genre-bending songs. We couldn't be more excited to share this with you all as we continue to work on our debut EP and we will be diving back in the studio shortly to attempt to capture the magic we've been cultivating. Check out "Shades of Silver" in the "Listen" section of the menu for a taste! 


Shanley Mitchell

Lead Vocals / Vibe Cultivator  

Conner Muir

Instrumentation / Backing Vocals/ Computer Things